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Europe empties its streets

Lockdowns – how not to fight Covid

As Europe faces its highest surge of infection since the start of the pandemic and the threat of a new variant, many countries are resorting to desperate measures such as lockdowns and drastic social measures to stem the epidemic. Austria has imposed a nationwide lockdown with Slovakia hot on its heels. Austrian health minister Wolfgang Mueckstein has described lockdowns as “the only option to reduce the rate of infection.” But do lockdowns actually work? The science says that they don’t. Studies published so far on the efficacy of lockdowns show that they fail to stop the spread of an infection. Some scientists even maintain that lockdowns are “pro-contagion” and can enhance the spread. In his 2020 study of 24 European countries, Danish scientist, Christian Bjornskov found “no clear association between lockdown policies and mortality rates.” In their study, “Assessing mandatory stay-at-home and business closure effects on the spread of

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Pro-Vaccine and Pro-Transparency

America has its VAERS reporting system, the UK has a yellow card system and other countries have various portals on which the public and physicians can report adverse events related to Covid vaccines.  But then

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Dr. Peter McCullough


In March of this year, Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Texas Senate and made a searing condemnation of the way the US health authorities have handled the Covid pandemic. He cited the typical Covid

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Luc Montagnier


 A year ago, when Nobel Prizewinner and eminent virologist, Luc Montagnier, asserted that the Corona virus had undergone human manipulation and was probably manufactured in the Wuhan Institute of Technology, he was ostracized by the

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Hot Topics

  • Zinc is the key

We know about the importance of Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-19, but now a Belgium study has also confirmed the importance of zinc. Scientists from the University of Gand studied the blood samples of 138 hospitalized Covid patients and found that 70% had a deficiency of zinc and selenium. Those who did not present this deficiency had milder symptoms and recovered quickly. The zinc-selenium deficiency also proved to be an even more important risk factor than diabetes, cancer, obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

  • Use of Ivermectin vs. Covid backed by major study

A major study of 200,000 people in Brazil has shown that Ivermectin, administered prophylactically, reduces the chances of getting Covid by 25%. The study also shows that Ivermectin reduces the likelihood of dying from Covid by 67%. Readers can hear Dr. Flavio Cadegiani talk about the study on the website of Frontline Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance – an excellent source of Covid info. 

  • Babies born during the Covid pandemic have lower IQs

The reduced personal interaction caused by lockdowns has dramatically impacted on the cognitive development of babies. A US study of babies born after March 2020 has found that they suffer from diminished cognitive, verbal and motor skills compared to babies born before the pandemic. “This is a phenomenon rarely seen outside of major cognitive disorders,” says lead author, pediatrician Dr. Sean Deoni. 

  • Get out the exercise bike!  

A major US study of 48,440 people has found that physical inactivity is strongly associated with a higher risk of severe Covid. The authors urge public health agencies to promote physical activity and incorporate it into routine medical care.  

  • Ban Remdesivir

In an unprecedented move, Dr. Didier Raoult has called for the banning of Remdesivir on the grounds that it has been proved to encourage mutations of SARS-CoV-2 (see The Remdesivir Story)