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Covid 19 and the “miracle” vaccine – an overview

Almost three years since Covid 19 hit the world, we can now look back and assess how the Western world reacted to the pandemic and what lessons can be drawn from the experience. Surprisingly, very few articles have appeared in the press giving us this much needed overview. This could be because, during the pandemic, most of the press simply spouted information and data supplied to them by their public health authorities (without questioning the data) and now that

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Many countries are making a third vaccine shot, called the “booster,” mandatory to being considered fully vaccinated and thus eligible to a vaccine pass –

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  • Watch out for mRNA flu vaccines                       

With the flu season coming up, pressure will not only begin to get the flu vaccine (whose efficacy rate varies from 10-60%), but there will also be pressure for the new mRNA vaccines in the pipeline: Pfizer’s mRNA flu vaccine and its combination mRNA flu/Covid vaccine.  Best to keep clear of anything to do with mRNA as our lead article explains. 

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Pro-Vaccine and Pro-Transparency

America has its VAERS reporting system, the UK has a yellow card system and other countries have various portals on which the public and physicians can report adverse events related to Covid vaccines.  But then

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Dr. Peter McCullough


In March of this year, Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Texas Senate and made a searing condemnation of the way the US health authorities have handled the Covid pandemic. He cited the typical Covid

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