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President Zelensky – hero of our times?

He has been compared to Churchill standing alone against the Nazis, to David battling Goliath, and has been called a “revolutionary Jewish hero.” Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s young president, certainly has something of all these elements and he has demonstrated tremendous courage in the face of a vicious Russian onslaught. At the same time, as a former actor and as a consummate PR strategist, Zelensky has played to the hilt the image of Ukraine under threat of annihilation by Russia. He has often invoked a similarity between the plight of Ukraine today and the Holocaust, when the world stayed silent in the face of extermination. In a recent address to the Israeli parliament Zelensky accused Russia of genocide and of planning a “final solution” for the Ukrainian people. But while what is happening in Ukraine is horrendous, it is not genocide. In WWII, the Jews were defenseless, weak and scattered. In the current Ukraine/Russia conflict, Ukraine has an army, a huge country and a population of 40 million.  Furthermore, if Russia were to win its war and occupy Ukraine, it would not proceed to exterminate all Ukrainians. It would undoubtedly stifle opposition but, as long as Ukraine fell into line, the

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  • Vaccine mandates are falling like a house of cards

With little fanfare, governments across the world, are quietly dropping their vaccine mandates. The UK was the first to do so but it was quickly followed by Denmark, Israel, Malta and, recently, by 6 Canadian provinces. Many other countries have announced plans to drop all Covid restrictions. The reason is not because the mandates and restrictions have beaten Covid but the opposite. Covid or, rather Omicron, beat the mandates and made them obsolete.  

  • Ban Remdesivir

In an unprecedented move, Dr. Didier Raoult has called for the banning of Remdesivir on the grounds that it has been proved to encourage mutations of SARS-CoV-2 (see The Remdesivir Story)

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must news booster n


Many countries are making a third vaccine shot, called the “booster,” mandatory to being considered fully vaccinated and thus eligible to a vaccine pass – the pass that enables a person to participate in normal

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Europe empties its streets

Lockdowns – how not to fight Covid

As Europe faces its highest surge of infection since the start of the pandemic and the threat of a new variant, many countries are resorting to desperate measures such as lockdowns and drastic social measures

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Pro-Vaccine and Pro-Transparency

America has its VAERS reporting system, the UK has a yellow card system and other countries have various portals on which the public and physicians can report adverse events related to Covid vaccines.  But then

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Dr. Peter McCullough


In March of this year, Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Texas Senate and made a searing condemnation of the way the US health authorities have handled the Covid pandemic. He cited the typical Covid

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Luc Montagnier


 A year ago, when Nobel Prizewinner and eminent virologist, Luc Montagnier, asserted that the Corona virus had undergone human manipulation and was probably manufactured in the Wuhan Institute of Technology, he was ostracized by the

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India coronavirus April 2020

India’s Covid Carousel

It was only a month ago that the photos coming out of India shocked the world:  bodies piled up in streets, funeral pyres everywhere, hospitals inundated with sick patients as India battled its worst Covid

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Alexandra Henrion-Caude is another French scientist who has spoken out and questioned the standard Covid narrative given by the authorities. She says that what propelled her to speak out is injustice: “There is an injustice

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Must-News Remdesivir

The Remdesivir Story

The medical establishment’s war against Hydroxychloroquine (a drug used for over 80 years and favored by Dr. Raoult as an early Covid treatment in conjunction with azithromycin) can only be understood in the context of

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