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Stephanie Seneff

“The vaccinated are going to be more vulnerable than the unvaccinated”

She’s a senior research scientist at MIT with four degrees from MIT so Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a voice to be listened to. In a video interview in English with the French newspaper France Soir (Link), Seneff asserts that:  “in a couple of months, vaccinated people are going to be at a disadvantage compared to the unvaccinated.”  In light of the fact that millions of people around the world, especially in the West, have been and are continuing to be vaccinated, her assertion is not only mind-blowing, it is truly frightening. Stephanie Seneff is the author of Toxic Legacy, a new book which claims that the popular weedkiller glyphosate is behind the rise in autism. The book also cites astonishing correlations between glyphosate and the obesity and diabetes epidemics, Alzheimer’s disease and various cancers.  Seneff’s research on glyphosate propelled her to examine the potential dangers of mRNA Covid vaccines. 

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Dr. Peter McCullough


In March of this year, Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Texas Senate and made a searing condemnation of the way the US health authorities have handled the Covid pandemic. He cited the typical Covid

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Luc Montagnier


 A year ago, when Nobel Prizewinner and eminent virologist, Luc Montagnier, asserted that the Corona virus had undergone human manipulation and was probably manufactured in the Wuhan Institute of Technology, he was ostracized by the

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India coronavirus April 2020

India’s Covid Carousel

It was only a month ago that the photos coming out of India shocked the world:  bodies piled up in streets, funeral pyres everywhere, hospitals inundated with sick patients as India battled its worst Covid

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Alexandra Henrion-Caude is another French scientist who has spoken out and questioned the standard Covid narrative given by the authorities. She says that what propelled her to speak out is injustice: “There is an injustice

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The Remdesivir Story

The medical establishment’s war against Hydroxychloroquine (a drug used for over 80 years and favored by Dr. Raoult as an early Covid treatment in conjunction with azithromycin) can only be understood in the context of

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MUST-NEWS Didier Raoult


Didier Raoult is the black sheep of the French medical establishment. He is an unwelcome oddity who persists in doing his own thing, in challenging the orthodox conventions about Covid-19 and in treating patients with

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Hot Topics

  • Babies born during the Covid pandemic have lower IQs

The reduced personal interaction caused by lockdowns has dramatically impacted on the cognitive development of babies. A US study of babies born after March 2020 has found that they suffer from diminished cognitive, verbal and motor skills compared to babies born before the pandemic. “This is a phenomenon rarely seen outside of major cognitive disorders,” says lead author, pediatrician Dr. Sean Deoni. 

  • Get out the exercise bike!  

A major US study of 48,440 people has found that physical inactivity is strongly associated with a higher risk of severe Covid. The authors urge public health agencies to promote physical activity and incorporate it into routine medical care.  

  • Ivermectin can treat Covid for under $1 a day

In a first for a Western nation, Israeli scientists have proven that Ivermectin possesses antiviral qualities and can reduce the length of Covid infection. Treated with Ivermectin, an infectious person will become non-infectious in 4-6 days. “There is a lot of opposition to Ivermectin,” said Prof. Eli Schwartz who conducted the study. “Our study was rejected by three journals before finally being published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.” 

  • Worrying news from Israel

Not only is the country undergoing a spike of infections, but it emerges that 90% of newly-infected over 50 are fully vaccinated as are 60% of patients in serious condition. PM Naftali Bennett has admitted that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant is “weaker” than expected. Commentators abroad, like Alex Berenson, use stronger language and talk of colossal vaccine failure. 

  • The Green Passport – arrived, gone and back again

After a break of two months, when the green passport was considered obsolete, the Israeli authorities have now brought it back under the revamped name of  “Happy Badge.” The badge allows access to indoor venues with more than 100 attendees only to the vaccinated  or those with a recent negative PCR test. Cafes and restaurants are exempt for the moment!  Considering that 50% of all those newly infected with Covid have been vaccinated, the logic behind the new measure seems spurious. 

  • Ban Remdesivir

In an unprecedented move, Dr. Didier Raoult has called for the banning of Remdesivir on the grounds that it has been proved to encourage mutations of SARS-CoV-2 (see The Remdesivir Story)