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Luc Montagnier warns of the next danger from vaccines – prion disease

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French Nobel prizewinner Luc Montagnier has again spoken out in public, this time, in order to warn about a dangerous side effect of the mRNA vaccines.  Speaking on the French radio station, Sud Radio, Montagnier described the side effects of the vaccines in terms of three phases: “First we saw the common, immediate side effects (headaches, localized pain, fatigue, fever etc.) which, in general, do not last long. Then we saw, a few months later, numerous cardiovascular problems such as myocarditis in young people. Now we are seeing cases of prion disease such as Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, which is a fatal degenerative brain disorder.”

In general, cases of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease are extremely rare. But, already, Montagnier noted, 7 cases of Creutzfeld-Jakob have been reported in France. The one common factor linking all 7 cases is that they occurred following administration of the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  When pressed about the significance of these 7 cases, Montagnier replied: “We cannot prove a direct link between the vaccine and the disease but we have a duty to examine the hypothesis that there is a linkage because the only common factor between these cases is the vaccine.”

Montagnier warned that we are currently in the midst of the third phase of vaccine side effects.

He cited a prior example of cases of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease that resulted from the administration of nefarious medication. In the 1980s, 119 children died from C-J disease after having been given a growth hormone.  When the doctors responsible for developing the hormone were taken to court in 2009, Montagnier testified at the trial, stating that he had warned the doctors of the possible dangers of their drug. Ultimately the defendants were acquitted of involuntary homicide.

Even if only a few deaths have been reported so far, Montagnier believes that mass vaccination should be halted. He is also wary of the booster shots, noting that no studies have been made of the effects of repetitive vaccination on people.

A caller to the radio show, named Mark Dowyer, described how his wife fell sick with C-J two months after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “It’s a terrible disease,” he said. “it’s like mad cow disease in humans.”  He described his situation, watching his wife wasting away, as a “living hell.”

Montagnier expressed surprise that C-J disease has appeared so early on in vaccine recipients. “We expected something like this might happen but not so quickly. Barely a year has elapsed since the first vaccinations and we are already seeing severe neurological side effects.”

He warned that: “We are moving towards a catastrophe. If we do not take precautions now, our entire civilization is at stake.”

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