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Covid 19 and the “miracle” vaccine – an overview

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Almost three years since Covid 19 hit the world, we can now look back and assess how the Western world reacted to the pandemic and what lessons can be drawn from the experience.
Surprisingly, very few articles have appeared in the press giving us this much needed overview. This could be because, during the pandemic, most of the press simply spouted information and data supplied to them by their public health authorities (without questioning the data) and now that these authorities have little to say – they tried the vaccines, they saw they didn’t work (certainly not in terms of stopping infection and transmission) and they have concluded that Covid is a virus we just have to live with (which is exactly what the brave authors of the Great Barrington Declaration recommended way back in October 2020, for which they were much maligned) – the media is also keeping mum. Those in power refuse to admit that their policies not only did not stop the pandemic but caused immense harm to our physical and mental health, our children’s education, our social framework, our relationships with our loved ones, our economies and our freedom.

Even more damning, there are experts like Dr. Didier Raoult in France, who say that the vaccines may have prolonged the epidemic by encouraging the emergence of variants and it would have been better perhaps not to have  interfered. Instead, he says, the focus should have been on effective treatment.

Fear and panic
The global wave of panic, elicited by the pandemic, paralyzed the world and created so much fear that still today thousands of people remain in panic mode – afraid to go out, to socialize, or even touch another person. Much of this fear was promoted, manipulated and encouraged by the media and government officials. A document written for the British scientific advisory group that set government Covid policy stated that “the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, by using hard-hitting emotional messaging.” Similar tactics were used across the world. In November 2020, Britain’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, admitted he had “regrets” about frightening people with doomsday figures that predicted 4,000 Covid deaths a day. A similar phenomenon was seen in the US. Dr. Scott Atlas, a member of President Trump’s Covid taskforce, admitted that there was an “intentional inculcation of fear in the American public.”
For some bizarre reason, even in the most democratic and educated countries, governments thought they needed to scare people into compliance. What followed was an unprecedented attack on freedom of thought. Do what you are told, no questions asked, was the message. Anyone who questioned the official message was quickly silenced by social media and accused of disseminating misinformation. The irony is that it was the governments themselves, supported by social media, who disseminated misinformation. None had the integrity and courage to say to the public: “We are entering unknown territory. We know nothing about this virus. We hope that vaccines will work but that too is an unknown as are the risks involved. We will give our citizens as much information as possible and let them decide what steps they wish to take.” That would have been the honest, mature approach.

Instead, even though it was known early on that Covid presented a danger mainly to the elderly and people with serious co-morbidities such as diabetes, obesity, cardio/pulmonary problems, nearly every country (except for Sweden) imposed draconian (which we now know were useless and harmful) policies of nationwide lockdowns, mandatory masks, green/health passes and forced vaccinations. We now know that the lockdowns failed to stem the epidemic: not only did they cause great economic and social hardship, they impeded herd immunity. As for the vaccine, the hopes invested in it simply did not materialize. Nor did its accompanying propaganda. The vaccine is completely safe the authorities told us. If you get the vaccine, you won’t get Covid. The pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. They were wrong on every count.

The vaccine is safe – not so!
When government and medical authorities assured us that the vaccine was completely safe – they were lying, because there was no way they could be certain their claim was true. Since the world was in a hurry to find a solution to the pandemic, the clinical trials of the vaccines were curtailed and corners cut – as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explained: “we were operating at the speed of science.” But speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety. Pfizer insider employees have reported that “the company falsified data, unblinded patients (after just a few months, Pfizer gave the vaccine to the control group in its trial), employed inadequately trained vaccinators and was slow to follow up on adverse events” (BMJ 11.2021). The many holes in Pfizer’s trial have been analyzed by numerous experts and can be found online.

As for the vaccine’s impact on our health, there have been numerous reports in the US and in Europe by independent observers (doctors, researchers, journalists) on serious side effects. Some countries have been more open than others in disclosing data on this sensitive subject (the UK, Scotland and Denmark fall in the ‘more open’ category while the US, Canada, France and Israel have kept this data under wraps).

What we do know is that no vaccine has garnered as many reports of adverse side effects as the Covid vaccine. According to the VAERS system in the US, which is a voluntary reporting system by doctors, patients and families, over 1 million reports of adverse events have been received so far. These include 16,310 deaths, 8,689 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, 23,712 permanently disabled and many more.

In Florida, Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladopo, recently warned men aged 18-19 not to take Covid vaccines. This comes after a study showed that men under 40 had an 84% increased risk of cardiac death following vaccination with an mRNA shot. In Switzerland, when Dr. Christian Mueller followed 770 patients post booster vaccination, he found that 1 in 35 showed signs of myocarditis, with a larger percentage in women than in men! The Swiss researchers determined that all mRNA jab recipients suffered some level of heart injury even if they were asymptomatic. They described their findings as “important” especially in light of the fact that repetitive or annual booster jabs may become the norm.

In an acknowledgement of the vaccine’s failure, Australia (which had adopted some of the most stringent pro-vaccine policies) and Denmark have both ended their vaccine programs for adults under 50. And recently Norway declared that no one under 65 should receive additional shots unless they were at risk of severe disease.

The vaccine prevents transmission – not so!
Despite being repeatedly told by top health figures like Anthony Fauci in the US – if you get the vaccine you won’t get Covid – it soon emerged that the vaccines did not prevent people from getting Covid or passing it on. Pfizer itself admitted to the European Parliament that it did not test its vaccine to see if it stopped transmission of the virus.
“This admission has massive implications,” says Rob Roos, a Dutch representative at the European Parliament. “Governments pressured millions of people into getting the vaccine by telling us that it would protect our grandmothers… They tricked perfectly healthy people into taking the jab using false arguments and they made access to many places of employment and leisure conditional on getting the vaccine. This was real institutional discrimination.”
Roos noted that thousands of people lost their jobs and livelihoods because they refused the vaccines. Unbelievably, vaccine mandates are still in effect today in certain places such as US colleges and in the US army and in France, unvaccinated health workers who were fired and disqualified from unemployment, have still not been reinstated. An editorial in the prestigious newspaper Le Monde, published just last month, claimed that: “at a time when the virus is still circulating strongly, such a move would be tantamount to giving in to anti-scientific arguments and undermining public health policy!!!”

Few countries (except for Austria) ostracized the unvaccinated as much as Canada. In addition to being barred from places of work and leisure, for over two years the unvaccinated were banned from air travel within the country and banned from entering the country. The famous truckers’ strike in Canada in February of this year was a graphic protest against these rigid regulations.

And now, opposing voices are making themselves heard at government level. In an unprecedented move, Danielle Smith, the new premier of the province of Alberta in western Canada, acknowledged that the unvaccinated were “the most discriminated group” she had witnessed in her lifetime. Vaccine mandates, she said, represented unacceptable discrimination and she pledged to amend the province’s Human Rights Act in order to protect the unvaccinated.

Pandemic of the unvaccinated – not so!
For nearly two years, political leaders and health officials across the world told us that they were dealing with a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The mantra was repeated time and again, primarily to support measures that distanced the unvaccinated from places of work, study and leisure. Then, as it became clear that everyone was getting infected, unvaccinated, vaccinated, and boosted alike, these voices fell silent. No correction given, no apologies made.

Does the vaccine offer any benefits?
We now know that, at best, the vaccine offers around 3 few months protection and hardly any after 6 months, either against infection or hospitalization. Boosters help but only temporarily.

It should also be remembered that the statistics given to us regarding vaccine efficiency did not take into account the first two weeks after vaccination. During this period, every country saw a huge spike in Covid cases and deaths. This is generally accredited to the ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) phenomenon when, instead of neutralizing a virus, the antibodies created by the vaccine encourage the virus to proliferate.

So, when it became clear that the vaccine did not stop anyone from getting Covid or passing it on, we were then told that it stops severe illness and hospitalization. But this too proved to be false. Figures emerging now from the US and Britain show that the vaccinated are more likely to be hospitalized or die of Covid than the unvaccinated!!

In Australia, which pursued the most severe lockdowns of any Western country, mandated the vaccine on its workforce and segregated the unvaccinated, Covid hospitalizations reached record levels in the summer of this year. In New South Wales, the country’s largest state, 85% of Covid deaths were in vaccinated people.

Recent data from the Netherlands show that the vaccines not only fail to prevent severe illness, they even raise the risk of hospitalization.

So, despite the fact that billions of dollars were spent and entire populations vaccinated, the pandemic was not stemmed and is in fact still around. The policies adopted by the West simply did not work. Covid death tolls in 2021 (when vaccinations were in full swing) were much higher than in 2020 and excess mortality is worryingly above the average – it is higher this year than in 2020 and 2021. As journalist Alex Berenson points out “before the rollout of Covid vaccines in mid-2021, Europe had no excess mortality among people under 45. Now it does.”

How statistics were manipulated
In January of this year, John Campbell (whose informative and extremely objective YouTube videos on the pandemic garnered millions of viewers) reported that, according to a freedom of information request release by the UK’s Office of National Statistics, the number of deaths solely attributable to Covid 19 in the UK was far lower than previously thought. While the official death toll in the UK stands at 137,133, if the death toll is based on deaths caused solely by Covid, meaning in people with no underlying diseases, the number falls to just 17,000!

Naturally, Campbell’s report was sharply criticized. The UK Office of National Statistics condemned it as “factually incorrect and misleading” stating that that it was a distortion to exclude people with pre-existing health conditions from the total death toll. As the Campbell controversy showed, statistics are highly dependent on interpretation and it is possible to arrive at totally different conclusions depending on the way the data is calculated.

What is known is that many health institutions, hospitals etc. boosted their number of Covid deaths for financial reasons. Since these institutions as well as medical insurance companies received higher remunerations for Covid deaths, it was natural for them to fudge their records in order to favor Covid deaths. Numerous families of patients who died in hospital reported being asked to sign a Covid death certificate for their deceased relative, when the latter died of another illness altogether. And in the US, after the Biden Administration offered reimbursements of $9,000 for funeral expenses for Covid deaths, a spike in Covid deaths was inevitable.

And the big winner was
The answer is in the figures. Pfizer reported revenues of $81.3bn for 2021, compared to $41.7bn for 2020. Moderna reported revenues of $18.5bn for 2021, compared to $803m for 2020.

Alert – a shocking new proposal from the US
We may think that the pandemic is over and we can all now relax, but this is not the case. There is still a need to remain vigilant. A shocking development recently emerged in the US. The CDC’s advisory committee recommended adding the Covid vaccine to the vaccine package offered to children. “Children six months and older should get the Covid vaccine,” said the committee. If the recommendation is adopted, the Covid vaccine will become mandatory for school attendance in the US.
The proposal elicited a sharp response from numerous health experts. On Fox news, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale School of Public Health said: “This goes against everything we know. According to CDC data itself, the risk mortality of Covid among children is .003%, that is, 3 in 100,000, while the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine in children is tenfold that.” A recent German study also showed that young children are significantly more likely to have severe side effects from Covid shots than from other vaccines.

Journalist Alex Berenson believes the move is not aimed at protecting children but rather at protecting vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer & Moderna. Currently, because of the US federal “public health emergency,” these companies cannot be sued for side effects from the shots. But this emergency status is temporary and requires constant renewal. If the Covid vaccine becomes part of the children’s vaccine package, the companies will then enjoy permanent liability protection.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Denmark has banned the vaccine for anyone aged 18 or younger. Henceforth, it is not possible for children in Denmark to get the jab. In so doing, the Danes have recognized that healthy children are at zero risk from Covid and the vaccine offers little benefit.

Thank you Danes for this flicker of sanity and honesty.

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