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The aim of this site is to make available information which is hardly publicized in the mainstream media – news from the sidelines that has been ignored, opinions that have been labelled “false news” or simply interesting facts and research that warrant attention.  The site will also offer some personal perspectives on issues of the day.  

Many of the views presented here come from French doctors and scientists who have had the courage speak out against the standard narrative on a range of issues: the origins of Sars-Cov 2, the efficiency of lockdowns, the necessity of wearing masks, the effectiveness of certain medication etc.  In so doing, these individuals, like elsewhere were treated as quacks, conspiracy theorists and promoters of fake news.

Dr. Didier Raoult is one such brave voice. Raoult was threatened with death threats and hounded by France’s medical establishment for championing hydroxycholoroquine as a treatment for Covid 19.  This site aims to make Dr. Raoult’s views and findings (which can be found on YouTube in French) available to the English-speaking world.

While the Western world has banked entirely on vaccines to win the war against Covid, Raoult, from the start, emphasized the need to treat the disease, especially in the early stages.  After much trial and error, the protocol which he developed, based on hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin, has proved extremely effective in lowering hospitalization and mortality rates.    

This site also gives a platform to Nobel prizewinner Luc Monteigner, who quietly asserted, right at the beginning of the epidemic, that Sars-Cov2 was almost certainly manipulated in a lab. His assertion was, of course, dismissed out of hand by the media and medical establishment. We will also hear the views of Alexandra Henrion-Caude, a French geneticist and RNA expert, who has made it her mission to speak out in the name of science and ethics against the current policies of lockdowns, masks and vaccines.         

Since I live in Israel, I will take advantage of my knowledge of the country to highlight aspects of Israel that are not well known and to offer my own perspective on the Israel-Palestinian conflict in the hope that I will help to make this very complicated subject a little easier for readers to understand.

The aim of this site is to make available information that is rarely reported in the mainstream media and which I believe the public should know about. With so many experts voicing their views, contradicting each other and even themselves, it has become harder and harder for laymen to know what is the truth and what is the science.

The views presented here may be considered controversial but they are views that should be heard, if only to enlarge the debate and make us ask questions. Many of the views put forward come from French doctors and scientists. You may wonder why. The simplistic explanation is that I read French and happened to be exposed to their views. The deeper explanation is that it says something about the societies we live in. French society is much more controlled, centralized and authoritarian than English-speaking societies. The restrictions imposed during the latest lockdowns were more severe in France than in the UK or America.  At the height of the lockdowns, residents were not allowed to leave their homes without written authorization and some 1 million fines were issued last year in France for lockdown violations while less than 10,000 were issued in the UK.

At the same time, the voices of a number of eminent doctors and scientists have made themselves heard in France, in a way that has not been seen elsewhere. These voices contradict the established narrative regarding a range of important issues: the origins of Sars-Cov 2, the efficiency of lockdowns, the necessity of wearing masks, the effectiveness of certain medications… and so on.  The individuals to whom these voices belong have shown tremendous courage in speaking out in public and going against the flow – since, in France, like elsewhere, anyone who questions the standard narrative is treated as a conspiracy theorist, maniac or charlatan.

One such brave person is Dr. Didier Raoult of Marseille whose life has been threatened and who has been hounded by Frances’ medical establishment for treating Covid 19 patients with  hydroxycholoroquine.  One of the aims of this site is to make Dr. Raoult’s views and findings available to the English-speaking world. Raoult gives regular video briefings which can be seen in French on Youtube and which will be partially translated on this site.

His recurring message is that Covid 19 is a disease that can and must be treated. If one looks at the headlines and press coverage of the epidemic across the world, the emphasis has been and is almost solely on the rate of infection, lockdowns and vaccines. There is practically no coverage in the mainstream media of the different forms of treatment being carried doubt, no statistics regarding these treatments, no comparisons between hospitals or countries.

This site will give an outlet also to other important voices. Among them is Nobel prizewinner Luc Monteigner, who laments the fact that the media has hardly covered the issue of the origins of the virus.  At the beginning of the epidemic the media reported that the virus probably originated in Wuhan’s wet market. The few lone voices which asserted that the virus was man-made were immediately debunked and dismissed. Even Luc Monteignier!     

When one starts to delve in deep, the data on Covid is immense. I do not propose to cover or uncover all of it but simply to put forward findings and views that I believe are important and deserve coverage. 

I will also take advantage of this site to bring you news from the sidelines on other topics and  showcase personalities and writers whose work I would like to share with readers.    

Be ready for surprises!   

About me

My name is Helga Abraham. I was born in Egypt and grew up in England. My professional background is in journalism. I worked as a radio producer for CBC in England and Canada, and for Israel Radio. I live in Jerusalem and currently work as a writer, editor and translator.

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