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Eminent British cardiologist calls for an end to mass vaccination

Dr Aseem Malhotra

One of the most frightening clips circulating on the Internet is the warning issued on British TV by consultant cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra regarding the mRNA vaccines. Basing himself on an American study on the links between heart disease and the vaccines, a troubling leak by an eminent British scientist and evidence from the field, Malhotra issued this call: “It is now time for policy makers around the world to put an end to the vaccine mandates because if this signal is strong and proves correct, then history will not be on their side and the public will not forgive them.”


In the interview, Dr. Malhotra referred to a research abstract published in an American Heart Disease journal by Dr. Steven Gundry which demonstrates a significant link between heart disease and the mRNA vaccines. The research, conducted on 566 patients, measured biomarkers before and after the patients received their second vaccine dose. The results showed that the risk of developing heart disease increased from 11% before vaccination to 25% after vaccination.  In Dr. Malhotra’s view, this represents a “huge increase” which calls for further investigation. Soon after the publication of the research, Dr. Malhotra recounts that he received a call from a whistleblower in the cardiology department of a very prestigious British institute who told him that his department had found similar results to Gundry’s but had decided not to go ahead and publish because of “concern about losing research money from the drug industry.” The whistleblower, a researcher himself, confessed that he was very troubled by this state of affairs.

In addition, Dr. Malhotra recounted that he has heard much anecdotal evidence from colleagues working in the field who reported that younger and younger people were coming in with heart attacks. He noted that since July 2021, there have been 10,000 excess deaths in the UK from non-Covid causes, a large percentage due to cardiac arrest and strokes.



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