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Pro-Vaccine and Pro-Transparency


America has its VAERS reporting system, the UK has a yellow card system and other countries have various portals on which the public and physicians can report adverse events related to Covid vaccines.  But then what? What happens to these reports? Who investigates them? Who takes responsibility for them? So far, the answers seem to be: nothing happens and no one is taking responsibility. Victims of vaccination are ignored by governments and relegated to being no more than an anonymous statistic.

In Britain, Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope is a rare voice of enlightenment and compassion who wants to rectify this situation. Sir Christopher believes if a government promotes the mass vaccination of its population, it must also be transparent about the dangers involved, immediately process reports of adverse events and guarantee full compensation to vaccine victims. To this end Sir Christopher is pushing for new legislation in Britain (the Covid 19 Vaccine Damage Bill) that aims to take care of individuals who suffer injury or death as a result of being vaccinated. In his address to Parliament, Sir Christopher cited figures from the government’s yellow card portal which showed that in a 9 month period (9.12.2020-1.9.2021) there were 435 reports of major blood clots, 767 cases of inflammation of the heart, 35,000 reports of menstrual disorder and 1,632 reports of death shortly after vaccination.

“If we are trying to build vaccine confidence,” said Sir Christopher, “we need to ensure that we are open with the public about the facts.”

More worryingly, Sir Christopher also stated: “There is a lot more damage being done to our citizens as a result of Covid-19 vaccinations than in any other vaccination program in history.

He went on to emphasize that he is in no way opposed to vaccination for Covid-19. “It is the right thing to do,” he says. “But people should be told ‘if you do the right thing, the government will look after you if something goes wrong.’”

While almost everywhere, fears about the Covid vaccines have been dismissed as “unfounded, the fabrication of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists” Sir Christopher believes that these fears should be addressed and discussed openly. “We cannot suppress reports of coroners saying that somebody has died as a result of having a vaccination. I personally know of people who have suffered – people who were in really good health and then had their first vaccine. I know of one person in particular who then had a stroke and was in hospital for some time. There are not just anecdotes.

“The government may not be too keen to promote this information but failing to do this is actually counter-productive. We need to tell those who suffer adverse consequences that we will look after them 100% without expecting them to get lawyers and all the rest which is agonizing for families and loved ones. This is what we owe them.”








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